Auto Trader Service

Receive the AngelTraders Auto-Trader Service


Hello Everyone, I know you have all been anticipating the AUTO-Trader and it is finally almost here. 

With this service you're going to be getting access to the Auto-trader.  I have teamed up with to be able to bring to life the Auto trader. What will be happening is I will be posting a video on how to get you connected to the Auto-trader. 

What is the Auto-Trader? Essentially you will be hooked directly to my personal account through Social traders tools auto trader service. So whenever I take a trade your account will be taking the trade with me. I can't promise anything but I am looking to do atleast %30-%50 a month ROI. You DO NOT need a VPS service.


I am not taking any commission from you which is kind of unheard of, and the $30 dollars a month will mainly be covering all the cost to perform and setup the copier. 


The broker you need to be using is LQDFX ( if their is a reason you can't use LQDFX get in touch with me asap so we can figure out the options. 


Cheers to a very successful year ahead! 


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